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Check This Out!

An animation of one of my bits from my new album " Alive on State" that hit #1 on the iTunes charts! Check out the video and pick up the album on iTunes!

The Boys From LESTARIL

HOT New Stand Up Clip From The Ol' Gillesp'

A Brand New Sketch From Lestaril — Miss-Interrogation

A real silly sketch I wrote with the boys from Lestaril. Check it out.

A Three Part Sketch Series From Your Baby Boys  — GILESTARIL

PART 1 Lost Rob

Part 2 The Jackalope

Part 3 The Homecoming (Finale)

Gilestaril Sketch!  Trolling the Trolls

The Laugh Factory in Hollywood just uploaded this short clip on to youtube. Check it out and give it a "like".

I made my national television debut on 4/25/16 on CONAN

Here is a sketch that I wrote and directed called "Modern Lassie". Its on FunnyorDie right now. Check it out.


Stand Up

Stand Up